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We cover all the bases when it comes to covering your telecommunications in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner. Take Optimus Super Vent, a pedestal that expertly houses fiber optic nodes and is available in three different sizes to handle a wide range of node sizes and fiber storage. With venting on all four sides and an insulated attic area, heat dissipation covers prevent overheating, which prevent expensive node failures. The base is comprised of our Bulk vault body that’s made a name for itself in the highest performance standards department.

You can also enjoy fiber bend radius protection for outstanding functionality with Optimus Cabinets, which are designed for centralized split points in a PON network.. When it comes to placement, you’ll be treated to immense flexibility as the cabinets are pole, wall, and H-frame mountable. And since the splitter module fits all styles of fiber hub enclosures, inventory will be minimized and technicians will always have the right modules to complete the work order.