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Power & Utility

Whatever your type of utility needs, we have a product that will satisfy it–and then some. Bulk is an upgradable, re-enterable cable management vault system series boasting one universal body that can easily achieve the standards of light, medium, and heavy duty applications simply by changing its lid or ring design. You’ll incur no rack expense thanks to embedded, factory-installed racks that deliver optimal cable organization while lightweight HDPE structural foam construction means no crane is required for installation, greatly lowering costs.

Housing passive equipment is the domain of our Goat Pedestal Housing series. The 9” and 10” diameter round profiles provide maximum workspace for all passives as well as cables and connectors. Constructed of durable, high-strength materials, the equipment can be counted on for exceptionally long service life. And Channell’s trademark self-latching cover ensures that the pedestals lock properly without requiring special alignment.