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Products Built for the Future

Explore our full network solutions product lines, everything you need to build a superior FTTH network.

Meeting our Customers Everchanging Needs

Channell is constantly working to provide industry leading products that drive a lower TCO to our customers.

Made in the USA

Unlike our competitors, we manufacture all of our products, as well as our tools, dies, and molds, in our own facilities. No subcontractors. No imitations. That makes Channell enclosure solutions unmatched for overall integrity, strength, and design.

Design, Innovation and Service

For nearly a century, we’ve distinguished ourselves by being first to market with quality products that satisfy new industry demands. Our quality doesn’t stop with our products. We guarantee quick turnaround and delivery times.

Where the Industry Connects

Channell has established itself as an industry leading full network solutions provider. We are constantly evolving our products to meet the changing needs of industry, while delivering the highest degree of workmanship and service to our customers.


A Legacy of Innovation

Uncompromised Quality

Capacity to Deliver